Getting Over A Break Up – Only Better Days Ahead!


We all know what it is like to break up with someone or have someone break up with us.  It is not the most comfortable situation to be in.  I know from personal experience that being on the receiving end of a long term relationship break up is difficult to work through. I know everyone is different when it comes to the time they need to get past a break up. As for me, it took me a good year to heal from my long term relationship and feel I could date someone without that person being a rebound.  Once you get to that point where you are over that break up, there are only better days ahead.

The Healing Power of Prayer – Faith Is Powerful

I believe when you have faith, (God or whomever your maker is) will always provide.  There are times when he gives you so much to handle and you wonder if you can do it.  I have always been told that he never gives you more than you can handle. It seems like he is testing you, but knows you can do it. He has faith in you.

These days, many people doubt whether praying is effective.  In my opinion, I’ve always found great success when praying.  Maybe that’s because of my strong beliefs or maybe it’s because of how I pray. Allow me to explain.  As with many of my other daily duties, I like to multitask when praying because, let’s face it, there are only so many hours in a day to get everything done!  Once I begin my prayers, I always start off by saying thank you for all my blessings   Without them, I would not be the person that I am today.  Then I completely unload my issues, worries, doubts, questions, fears, feelings, stress, concerns, guilt, pressures, and anything else that I need to release from my mind that day. By getting it all out at once, it relieves a lot off my mind and allows me to exhale all my problems.  Afterwards, I always feel refreshed and ready to start my next day.The Healing Power Of Prayer - Faith Is Powerful

Horoscope Relationships – Astrology Compatibility Test

When I was a young girl I went to see a psychic named Birdie.  I went to see her on several occasions.  I guess you can say I was fascinated by her and her gift to read people and their future.  I remember her telling me that the guy I was in a relationship with would be short, fat and bald when he got old.  Well, she got two out of three right.

Astrology is interesting.  To have someone who doesn’t know you tell you about the past,  present and future.  I know there are people out there that just follow some guide to tell you your future by your birth date or something, but there are also people that have a true gift. A woman I worked with reads cards. I know there were a lot of people we worked with that had her read their cards.  They said she told them things that were true in their lives that no one knew.  This is one of the reasons why I believe there are people who truly have a gift and can help people with that gift.

As a bonus, I wanted to add an Astrology Compatibility Test to my information.  I thought it would be fun to do this or who knows, maybe there will be some predictions that will come true.  I am giving your the website to check it out at ““.  If you search Google, it is “Compatibility Horoscopes – Tested And Proven Predictions”.  Enjoy reading your personal horoscope!Horoscope Relationships - Astrology Compatibility Test

Healing Power of Foods – How Tasty They Can Be

I must tell you that I am no expert when it comes to foods healing your body.  I have read things about it because I have a condition that is not rare, but to me it is.  I have an autoimmune condition called hashimoto’s disease. It is where the autoimmune system attacks my thyroid as if it were a foreign object. So, I take medication to keep my thyroid functioning at a normal capacity.  Therefore, my autoimmune system does not see it as weak or foreign and attack it.

There is a natural way to keep this under control by eating the right foods.  I have read some things on the internet written by a doctor and it makes sense.  I have a friend whose daughter has celiac disease and I know what she went through with her daughter to stop the pain. They started eliminating foods from her diet until they got it under control. So, it makes sense what Dr. Kellyann says about doing a “30 day rese with foods”.  Dr. Kellyann has celiac disease and did not want to treat her disease with medication.  She learned how to do it through trial and error with food.  Dr. Kellyann has on her site a protocol for people with autoimmune conditions to begin a 30 day reset names, “My Autoimmune Protocol Stage 1”.  Here is her website if you are interested in following her protocol to feel better naturally,

There is a happy ending to this story about healing yourself with foods.  Once you go through the 30 day reset, you can begin to re-introduce other foods back into your diet.  Imagine how tasty those foods will be. Thank god I don’t have to go without eating any of those other foods again. So, I can eat an ice ream cone again!Healing Power Of Foods - How Tasty They Can Be

How To Start Over Again – Sunny Days Ahead

Here we are starting over again. It doesn’t matter if you are going through a breakup, divorce or the loss of a loved one.  You will be going through changes and need to talk to someone  It could be a friend,  family, pastor, or counselor.  In my experience, it is better to talk to someone who is not involved at all because they will not tell you what you want to hear.  They will remain neutral and see both sides so, they can help you heal. I am not saying you don’t need your family and friends because you do for support. A friend of mine went through a divorce and it took her years to decide it was time to start dating.  Her kids were young and she just wanted to focus on them at the time.  She sacrificed having a life for her kids.  I thought that was so selfless of her.  Another friend lost her husband suddenly.  She went through a lot of emotions from being upset to being mad that he was gone.  At first, she didn’t talk to anyone.  When she was ready, she talked to her family and friends.  It was so hard not being able to do anything except listen.  Unfortunately, she lived in another state, so I could not  physically hug her like I wanted to.  I know she talked to her pastor and went to church on Sundays.  That seemed to help her.  Fast forward years later, she decided to go on a dating website and she met a few men she dated.  She is now dating a gentleman she really likes.  I am so happy for her.  So, you see after the healing, there are sunny days ahead.How To Start Over Again - Sunny Days Ahead

Healing Leads to Happiness

As you can see, when it comes to a break up there are different ways of handling how you heal. I talked to you about the power of prayer and how if you have faith, it can have a wonderful effect on your healing. The power of foods and how they can heal an ailment. Foods can also help you to lose weight if you eat healthy. You just have to watch that you are not eating the bad fats, a lot of starches, and junk food. I am sure there are other things I am missing, but you get the idea. In place of those eat vegetables, fruits, proteins (eggs, chicken, fish), and always eat before 6pm. If you cannot eat before 6pm, then eat small meals throughout the day.

Horoscopes can be fun to read or have someone read you. It can also be a serious reading for some. There are people who have a gift and they are few and far between. Starting over is the hard part because  we are all afraid of getting hurt. You want to put a wall up, but if you do, you will make it hard to date someone. You won’t be showing your true self.  Starting to date is not easy, so keep yourself detached. Until you know that person has true feelings for you, should you reveal your feelings. Once this happens, you will be on your way to a happy, meaningful relationship.Healing Leads To Happiness





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